Billie Mitchell is the CEO of The 1 wine & Classic New York Beer and KW Technologies. Billie Mitchell is the Co-Chair for the Global Hero Foundation

Billie Mitchell can easily hire a full staff  that consists of experts in set design, show management, entertainment, planning, branding, budget allocation, customer service and skilled labor.strategic brand managers, publicists, event producers, sports agents, video production crews. event designers, creative directors, general contractors, sponsorship coordinators, public relations, audio and visual teams, lighting and staging teams.

Our team can accommodate any size event  we have produced a series of non profit, for profit events, corporate, events, launch parties, weddings, share holder parties, holiday parties, Every event that we produce we pay attention to detail, and manage the event from the start to the finish. We work along side each client and treat them like family. We work with all budgets, and ensure that our team, is successful to produce a seamless event and make every client satisfied.

We are not just event producers we are also in the business of creating brand awareness, publicizing your event by utilizing our vast variety of networks, that include social media, television networks, radio stations, press, media, magazine editors, journalists, and bloggers.

Billie Mitchell and her partners Sandra Costa and Natasha June from Sandra Costa Design  commitment to Interior Design, building science and sustainability. We are a boutique firm with a combined 30 years of design, production and event management experience.

Please contact us for more information and how we can make your event a huge success~!

Billie Mitchell